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Whale Harbor Marina - Mile Marker 83.4
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Daytime Swordfish Trips

If you're looking for that once in a lifetime Big Game Fishing experience consider booking our 10 hour Daytime Swordfish charter. Swordfish are typically nocturnal, solitary and aggressive... making them one of the most challenging fisheries in the Keys but also one of the most satisfying, exciting and rewarding. Hooking, battling and landing one of these giant broadbills is a fishing trip you will remember for a lifetime. And also, yes... they are very tasty on the grill.

On a Daytime Swordfish Charter we will head far offshore, anywhere from 30-40 miles out of Whale Harbor Marina. Our destination is 1300-1900' of water along the continental shelf in the Gulf Stream. On our run to the Sworfishing grounds we will be looking for birds and debris... opportunities to stop and try for Mahi, Tripletail, Tuna or Wahoo.  

Based on your preference, we will decide on either electric or conventional reels. When we reach the Swordfishing grounds we will set up 1 or 2 rods, with 6-10 lbs. of lead. The boat will be under a controlled drift, dragging the bait along the bottom. We use a variety of bait depending on conditions including: Squid, Eel, Bonita, Barracuda and Mahi bellies. When fishing with conventional reels we use a break away weight at the leader. This enables the angler to hand crank the Swordfish the 1300-1900' without the weight attached. One of the biggest determiners of the success of your Swordfish trip is seeing the bite and reacting appropriatley to it. When fishing at these depths it can be difficult to see the strike. Typically the rod tip only bouces an inch or so... and we do not want to miss it!  This is where an experienced Capt. and first mate are so valuable to the success of your Swordfishing Trip. We will coach you on whether to drop the bait back or we may put the boat in gear, enticing the fish or setting the hook. Most Swordfish when hooked will swim toward the surface. It is really the last 300' that the real fight begins! Landing these large broadbills can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Some of the thrill and adrenal of this type of deep sea fishing is that you won't know exactly what is fighting you at the end of that line. Most likely it is a Swordfish anywhere from 50-200 lbs ... but it could be 500 lbs. or more! or it could be a large Mako Shark or a Blue Fin Tuna!  If your're up for the challenge you too can experience the ultimate thrill of victory when you land one of these deep sea giants.
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